Carved House Signs Distinctly Designed


House Signs Make Great Gifts

We create custom designed carved house signs.  Our signs are individually designed to your specifications. We can take a little direction or a lot and turn your sign into a sign of distinction. Our talented designs will help you come up with a memorable impression. We are artisans and typographers. Our sign shop is grounded in traditional of hand lettering. With over 40 years of experience we have spent decades, honing our craft and mastering our designs. We love type and have a passion for creating beautiful designs. If you want a true original we can create original hand lettered design and digitize the design creating a true original carved and painted.


Our signs or carved from high density foam board, which is resistant to damage from the elements. We also carve wooden signs. Brackets and mounting hardware is included and fabricated with all weather materials design to stand up to time.

Once the design is set and approved we custom carve each design on our Laguna Smartshop II CNC carving machine. Designed to last. We custom paint each design with our durable custom paints, guaranteed to last. Designs can be simple or very ornate.



A distinctive carved sign makes your residence stand out and the care taken in designing and building our signs sends the message that you take pride in your home.

Our carved house signs are individually made to your request.

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